"Traditional knowledge is a way of life - wisdom is using traditional knowledge in good ways. It is using the heart and head together. It comes from the spirit in order to survive."

This quote, by an anonymous person, http://www.burlakeband.org

TEK Initiative is an organization founded in 2010 from its beginnings as an annual TEK conference by Valerie Goodness and Chris Dunn with the direction and wisdom of Elder Gail Woodside and many others like Dr. Kurt Peters, Dr. Hal Salwasser, Dr. Badega Bishaw, and Dr. Ed Jensen. TEK Initiative currently has four main goals:

  1. To promote Traditional Ecological Knowledge in natural resource sustainability in collaboration with western science
  2. To promote tribal and indigenous people inclusion, nationally and internationally, in ecological conservation and natural resource sustainability issues
  3. To promote education curriculum in TEK for all ages
  4. To promote conferences, events, and conventions in TEK, based in sustainability science, and in collaboration with multicultural and social sciences

By offering education to our global family about how they can make conservation and natural resource sustainability conscience choices in their daily lives, we hope to improve the health of our Earth for future generations.

TEK Initiative
317 Sundridge Dr. (U)
Amherst, NY 14228
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