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Weaving the connections of our ancestors' ecological knowledge within our passion for conserving and restoring the ecosystems that are so precious to our more than human relatives and our people, TEK Initiative realizes that the settler colonialist systems of power makes it difficult to share what is necessary to protect our lands, water, bodies, and resources. From kindergarten to PhD programs to boardrooms, TEK needs to be included as a staple pedagogy in collaboration with Western ideologies, for the sake of our next seven generations



TEK meets NGSS standards for the Common Core K-12 curriculum. States, like Oregon,  are recognizing this and passing bills like SB-13 for Tribal scholars to rewrite Indigenous narratives that have been disappeared in education and higher education, far too long. TEK Initiative works with groups to help support efforts in improving the inclusion of Indigenous curriculum, scholars, published works, department heads, and colleges.



The above photos represents the "Storytellers Conference 2015" for which the SUNY University at Buffalo TEK Initiative Student Chapter, volunteered and presented. The TEK Initiative supports and advertises events, conferences, and symposiums focused on TEK topics. We invite and promote non binary gender fluid inclusion as leaders in TEK for which generational trauma imposed on our people included biases towards our love and high regards for our two spirit relatives. This and many more subjects are connected to TEK, in addition to Indigenous science, has been disregarded, like art (STEAM), and storytelling.